About H2drOP

H2drOp is a research project that uses water as the fundamental medium for developing percussive techniques to produce music .

In 2008, percussionist, drummer and educator, Nuno Brito, was curious about the possibilities for creating percussive sounds using water. This has led to an on-going research project that uses water combined with various instruments to create a musical landscape. H2drOp’s artistic concept is to create acoustic music that is fundamentally produced through water, in contrast with today’s ever so more digitalized world. The fascination and appreciation for organic and raw percussive sound is the driving force for this project that has blossomed into an audio-visual performance and workshop that reveals its own history. The style of the water music is influenced by the artist's own musical background, most of it being percussion driven, such as World Music, Electronic and Pop Music to name a few.

H2drOp has been performing regularly in different settings for both solo and in collaborative work to diverse audiences. Researching the performance presentation is as important as the sound research itself, H2drOp is still working on new and inspiring ways to perform this innovative project. The artist challenges his own skills operating outside his comfort zone in an attempt to expand as a performer as well as to inspire others.