Drummer and Percussionist

Portugal born Nuno Brito started his musical studies with Orchestral Percussion in 1996. He moved to London in 2004 and graduated with a Bachelors of Music in Popular Music Performance in 2010 majoring in the Drum-Kit. Over the years Nuno performed as both percussionist and drummer with ensembles as diverse as Classical and Wind Orchestras to Jazz, World and Pop Music acts. Nuno’s credits include the BBC Proms, BBC Two, Channel 4 and BBC Radio, as well as extensive touring and performing at major festivals. He has performed at “Venice Art Biennale” in Italy, “Womad” and “Glastonbury” in the UK, “Haarlem Jazz” in Holland, “Boom” in Portugal and “Blues Alive” and “Colours of Ostrava” in Czech Republic to name just a few. He is not a stranger to London’s music scene and regularly perform with various international artists and bands.


Since 2007, Nuno has been working with Southwark Music Services in London delivering courses and workshops in Orchestral Percussion, Creative Orchestra, Samba Drumming and Drum-Kit for diverse range of schools. In 2014 Nuno was part of the team that initiated the “SMS Percussion Fest”, a show with over 300 children combining African, Samba and Orchestral percussion presented yearly at the Soutbank Centre in London. Nuno has been a drum kit and percussion teacher at Kingsdale Foundation School in London since 2015. In addition to that, Nuno is also part of the team of mentors with the educational project run by Trinity Music College London, “Animate Orchestra”.


Nuno has a strong fascination for the acoustic sound that started even before he owned his first drum kit. In an ever more digital world, Nuno's drive is to search for interesting sounds that can be produced acoustically. This quest led him to start H2drOp, a research project that creates groove-based music with unique acoustic water sounds. As the founder of H2drOp, Nuno is actively developing and researching new water percussion techniques and instruments. He regularly showcases the developments and findings under the name of H2drOp in either a collaboration or as a solo performance. Along with this Nuno is also composing for contemporary dance performances, films and video. In 2017, Nuno collaborated with a student at London South Bank University undergoing her Masters in Creative Media Industries, in conducting a research performance and workshop about the Exploration of Marketing in Experimental Music.